The Foundation

Dear Visitor,

Sometimes strange things happen. Things that cannot be easily explained, or that fall beyond common rationality. A sense of foreboding, a presence by one's side, bizarre visions or recurring dreams are often difficult to explain, and too easily discounted as unimportant. And indeed, most of the times, these happenings are simply the result of a tired mind, or of an overly-stimulated immagination. Most of the times.

But what if they are not? What if you want and need to shed light on whatever is going on in your life, on the strange situations you are experiencing? Discussing them with family and friends is not alywas useful: sometimes your observations and ideas are met with skepticism or scorn, and in the best of cases your inner circle does not have the tools to help you.

If you are in such situation, you have come to the right place. The Foundation is a group of individuals who have accumulated decades of experience in fringe areas of knowledge. We can offer consulting services, provide advice and investigate your case. If you need help, contact us.

Stockholm, Sweden